About Discover the Heartland

Discover the Heartland is a platform designed to help you discover the best that the heartland of America has to offer. Our focus is on southeast Missouri, southern Illinois, western Kentucky, and Tennessee, and we showcase the unique offerings of individual communities and sectors within those communities.

Our website is your go-to resource for finding local events, dining options, outdoor activities, shopping destinations, and nightlife hotspots. We offer VIP deals and membership offers to help you access exclusive offers and experiences that you won’t find anywhere else.

At Discover the Heartland, we are passionate about promoting local businesses and events. Our platform is designed to be highly interactive and community-focused, with features like the loyalty program, Journeys, and the Ambassador program all aimed at increasing engagement and participation among shoppers, stores, and community partners.

Portrait of vintage barman workin in bar. Pouring and preparing cocktails

Our Lifestyle Assets section is tailored to specific groups of people, offering experiential offerings that are unique to the Heartland region. Whether you’re a foodie, an outdoor enthusiast, or a culture lover, we have something for everyone.

While state and community tourism boards do a great job of promoting their respective regions, there is often a gap in their coverage. This is where Discover the Heartland comes in – we fill the gap by providing a centralized platform that promotes the heartland region as a whole, while also highlighting the unique offerings of individual communities and sectors.

Our platform offers a more personalized and targeted approach to marketing and promoting local businesses and events. We work closely with tourism directors to create a customized listing website for their community, highlighting the unique stores, programs, and events in the area. This can be done in partnership with local businesses and community organizations, creating a network of support for the tourism director and the local economy.

We partner with Heartland Eats and Treats to provide a complementary visual and storytelling component to our platform, offering a comprehensive and engaging experience for those looking to discover and explore the Heartland region.

Discover the Heartland is your one-stop-shop for discovering the heartland of America. Our unique approach to community-level marketing and our emphasis on local engagement and partnerships make it a valuable and effective tool for promoting the Heartland region and its businesses.